Reg-ent℠: the right registry at the right time

The AAO-HNS/F’s Reg-ent is an otolaryngology-specific clinical data registry that is becoming the foundation for quality reporting, quality indicators, quality improvement, clinical and product ... READ MORE

North Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, PA

206 physicians serve patients across the state of Texas “What makes NTENT unique is that it is both a physicians’ group and a professional association, which was created under Texas statute.1 I am ... READ MORE

The BOG and the Leadership Forum

Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH BOG Chair What is the easiest way to get involved with the Academy? The Board of Governors (BOG)! Who is the BOG? The BOG was established in 1982 as the grassroots ... READ MORE

Challenges and opportunities ahead

Following most elections in which a new administration and Members of Congress are seated, there is considerable discussion and anxiety over what changes will ensue. The current transition is ... READ MORE

Change and Plan B

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future." —John F. Kennedy Things change. Medicine changes. The Affordable Care Act ... READ MORE