Board of Governors: Building resilience with the BOG

Resilience is a skill that can be developed and nurtured Stacey L. Ishman, MD, MPH BOG Immediate Past Chair; Professor of Otolaryngology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical ... READ MORE

2018 Member-at-large candidate statements

David S. Boisoneau, MD What initiatives would you focus on and what will your main priorities be during your tenure as BOG member-at-large? As the BOG Member-at-Large, my main priority would ... READ MORE

2018 Board of Governors candidate statements

Spencer C. Payne, MD The positions of Chair-Elect and Secretary will be elected by the voting members of the BOG (i.e., Governors or Alternate Governors) present at the BOG General Assembly ... READ MORE

Partnerships will get us there

Our predecessor organization originated 122 years ago based on the desire to improve patient care through the mutual sharing of clinical information by physicians not only in the United States, but ... READ MORE

Professionalism and humanitarianism

Throughout history, medicine has advanced faster and faster, and with it the capacity not just to overcome sickness, but to transform the nature of life itself. From the clearly defined conviction of ... READ MORE