Pearls From Peers: What do you incorporate into your schedule to achieve work-life balance?

October 2018 – Vol. 38, No. 9

Hernan Goldsztein, MD
La Jolla, CA

I have a life-long passion for soccer and have been lucky to continually play the sport throughout my medical training and beyond. In 2017 and 2018, I was honored to represent our country by playing for Team USA in the physicians World Cup. I owe a great deal of thanks to my partners and especially to my family who support and encourage my love of the game.

Lisa C. Perry-Gilkes, MD, McDonough, GA

Lisa C. Perry-Gilkes, MD, McDonough, GA

This is me leading the charge at Medical Association of Georgia’s day at the capital. Healthcare includes advocacy, not only patient care. Both are my passion.

Another outlet is dance. My first-grade report card said, “Lisa likes creative expression through dance.” Well, it’s not a surprise that we have a line dance class in my office for me and the staff every other Thursday before office hours, taught by one of our patients.

Ryan H. Belcher, MD
Nashville, TN

Over the last few years I have really gotten into running when I am outside of work. Several days a week as soon as I get home, I change into running gear and I’m out the door and have even participated in a couple half-marathons. After spending all day in an operating room or clinic, running outside helps me keep my mind and body fresh.